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Name:       Jaaxy
Price:        free – $99
Owners:   Kyle & Carson

Jaaxy, Product Overview

Jaaxy is a tool to help you find keywords, track your website results and rank in search engines. You can even use this tool to spy on your competition and have so you can have a real competitive advantage over website owners in the industry.

Here keyword is the most important word. Why would you need a tool for keyword? Is keyword a thing you should be interesting in. Yes, definitely so if you want to drive traffic to your website. And let’s be real, you have a website to share info with others. Those others are your traffic. In another post I will be writing about traffic and the use of keywords.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

#1: Jaaxy saves you an incredible amount of time while doing your keyword research.
#2: Jaaxy can reserve engineer a website
#3: Jaaxy can help you determine your ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo

The Bad:

#1: Jaaxy has no training for a beginner
#2: only for use with English keywords
#3: after 30 free searches you have to upgrade


Who is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy is for everybody who needs to know how their website is performing against the competition. Depending on the price option you choose you have an amount of scans available:

Free Accounts come with 100 scans total

Pro comes with UNLIMITED manual scans and 2,000 auto scans per billing period

Enterprise comes with UNLIMITED manual scans and 5,000 auto scans per month

But Jaaxy is also very good to use as a keyword research tool. The alphabet soup techniek is embedded in it. The keyword management platform allow you to save, store, share, export and manage all of your keyword research activities. This will help you create better content posts.

But even if you are looking for a niche you can use this tool. If you are an affiliate marketer you want to know which affiliate programs there are out there that you can use for your niche. Jaaxy can help you with that too.

Do you need to know if a domain name is available? Jaaxy can help you with that. It will tell you which .com, .org and .net domains are available for any given keyword.

Jaaxy Tools & Training

As I mentioned in the good & bad seccion, there is no tab for training. The owners of Jaaxy are the same owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Being a member you will learn how to use the Jaaxy.

The use of Jaaxy is simple and straightforward and ofcourse there are video’s on YouTube to help you out.


Jaaxy Support

There is a help tab, but there is not much there. There are 4 videos that are enough to put you on track and also some bonussses. See seccion Tools & Training.


Jaaxy Price

Jaaxy has 3 options for pricing.

Jaaxy Starter     = FREE

Jaaxy Pro           = $49/month and $499/year

Jaaxy Enterprise= $99/month and $999/year

Click here to see what each option offers you.


My Final Opinion of 

Jaaxy is my keyword research tool. It helps me a lot to give direction to my writing.

This year I have published 33 articles. Only 7 are not indexed in google, but they are indexed in Yahoo and/or Bing.

I have to mention that 3 of the 7 articles were news article where I didn’t use specific keywords.

For me there is no better keyword research tool. I love it. In combination with Wealthy Affiliate it is a super combination.

Do you want to give it a try? Find keywords here.


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