MoreNiche Review – Would I join?

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Name:        MoreNiche
Price:         Free
Founder:   Andrew Slack


MoreNiche Product Overview

MoreNiche is what I call an Affiliate Network. An Affiliate Network makes is a one-shop for Affiliate Marketers. Normally an affiliate marketer has to look for companies that have affiliate programs. An Affiliate Network has done this for you. So MoreNiche gives you a lot of companies that have affiliate programs. You just become a member of MoreNiche and they make a lot of companies with affiliate programs available to you. MoreNiche specializes in companies related to the health business. MoreNiche handles the financial site too. You do not need to collect from individual companies. So a real One Affiliate Shop.


The Good & the BadGood & Bad

The Good:

#1: it is totally free
#2: one affiliate shop
#3: high commissions (about 40%)

The Bad:

#1: not for the total newbie in affiliate marketing
#2: you have to search for the training you need
#3: no step-to-step guidance


Who is MoreNiche For?

Affiliate marketers with a health, slimming niche. Of course, other affiliate marketers can offer these products too.

The mission of MoreNiche is:

“To transform as many lives as possible by helping people achieve their aspirations of health and wealth.
We support our affiliates to achieve their goals, whilst improving the lives of consumers through excellent health products.”

MoreNiche Tools & Training

The training of MoreNiche is readily available on their website. You do not really need to be a member to gain access to the training of MoreNiche. At first glance, you have to know what you need and there are some documents to help you out. I do not think it is very helpful for people who are completely new to Affiliate Marketing.

MoreNiche Support

They offer support by mail, chat, and FAQ. Their top affiliates will help you out.

Here is why they say you should join them:

  • high commissions
  • lifetime cookies
  • high converting offers
  • switch-promise
  • chargeback protection
  • bi-weekly payments
  • regional affiliate support
  • industry leading tracking
  • transparent reporting
  • exclusive offers
  • ongoing optimization
  • real-time stats
  • resources & incentives
  • stringent policies
  • personal consultation
  • benefits club

MoreNiche Price

MoreNiche is totally free. Their training is available even without signing up. When you sign up you will get a dashboard so can track how your ads are converting.

My Final Opinion of MoreNiche

I think that it is a good affiliate network choice for affiliate marketers that are in the health niche. If you are a newbie it is better to look for affiliate training before joining MoreNiche.

When searching around you will find some people saying that they are not paid out. But the majority says that they are paid out every two weeks as MoreNiche promises.


If I had a niche in the health niche I would have given it a try.