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Name: Affilorama


Price: Free

Owner: Mark Ling

Affilorama, Product Overview

The website of Affilorama tells you that they are an online community and a training center for aspiring affiliate marketers. There are 4 programs they offer for learning about affiliate marketing: Free Lessons, AffiloBlueprint, AffilioJetpack and Affilorama Premium.

The Good & the BadGood and bad

The Good:

#1: A lot of information for free.

#2: A one-time fee for a course and 1 year of hosting.

#3: A 30-day trial of Premium for only $1,-.

The Bad:

#1: With the free membership you are still not creating. It is good for someone who already has a website.

#2: No live support. You have to wait for an answer.

#3: After one year you have to find hosting for your website.

#4: Some training is outdated.

Who is Affilorama For?

Affilorama is for people who want to start out with Affiliate marketing. They have a step by step program for them. On the other hand, it is for people who want to start with Affiliate marketing, but do not have the time (AffiloJetpack).

 Affilorama Tools & Training

As mentioned before, they have 4 learning programs. The programs will be explained here.

Free Lessons

By only providing your name and email you get access to their free lessons. The lessons are about different aspects of affiliate marketing. There are over a 100 videos and notes. Even without giving your email address you can see some lessons.


The AffiloBlueprint is a 12-week program that gives you step-by-step directions what to do. There are more detailed videos than in the free lessons. Also, you will have to complete homework each week.


The AffiloJetpack is a total package. It is a way to quickly build an affiliate website. They have eleven Jetpacks for niches. When you join, you can choose up to 5. What does a Jetpack contain?

  • A system for easy website building with their WordPress theme
  • 20 articles already written for your website
  • a year’s worth of high-quality newsletters
  • three free reports
  • 1 click hosting
  • header graphics designs
  • traffic strategies training

Affilorama Premium

It is also called AffiloTools. This is a monthly subscription-based resource. Every month they will cover another affiliate marketing topic in detail. You will receive this information through an e-magazine. You will also get access to their toolkit for web statistics.

Affilorama SupportSupport

There are different ways to get support from Affilorama. On their support page you can:

1) type in your question and they will come with an answer from their database. Well, they try. I could not find the answer to my question.

2) look for your answer by clicking on the category it belongs to.

3) look of one the popular articles is what you are looking for.

4) go to a Forum. Not a lot of activity, but you can get some basic questions answered.

5) email them or give them a call.

Affilorama Price

Free lessons: $0,-

AffilioBlueprint: $197,- once and incl. 1-year web hosting.

AffilioJetpack: $997,-

Affilorama Premium: $67,- a month

My Final Opinion of Affilorama

I think it is legit. Different ways to get info. If you have the Blueprint you do not need the Premium membership or vice versa.

I still think Wealthy Affiliate is better because of the Live Chat there is help always and the training videos are updated constantly.



4 thoughts on “Affilorama Review”

  1. Your review is a clear and concise summary of what Affilorama offers. There are 4 different programs to choose but I think there isn’t support, help and step by step training as much as the best platforms out there. Also the pricing seems to be higher, especially with the AffiloJetpack. A more comprehensive service can get up to a third of the price from the platform that you recommend.


  2. Hi there, the program is pretty legit and there is real money to be made, especially with having a newsletter already set up for you. I think the challenge is gonna be getting traffic. I think I’m going to end up buying it if I can get the current discounted price. Otherwise gonna just go with Affiloblueprint and work on a website I’ve had an idea for for awhile now.

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