Think about money in a good way

Are you familiar with: “Finish your high school, get a degree, find a job, work hard and you will have time and money to do what you want!”? Well for me it didn’t work out as I thought or wanted. There were some steps nobody told me about. I was caught in the ‘Rat Race‘.

Rat race

In my experience till now, I realize that there are mind steps to be taken to get there.

BeliefsHead with beliefs

I come from a small island in the Caribbean. A long time ago the island was full of slaves and in one way or the other, some slavish beliefs still rule over our lives. I didn’t want to believe that.

But realizing how I was thinking about money and wealth, I realize that some things have not changed and will not if we change them consciously.

Here are some sayings we grew up with:

  • Money will not make you happy.
  • Business people are out to get you.
  • You can not be humble and rich at the same time.
  • Having money is having diseases.
  • People with money look great, but are unhappy, sick, lonely, and so on.

How to change this?

  1. Looking for your why
  2. Educate yourself
  3. Become money conscious

Why do you want to change the way you think about money?

My why is that I do not want to live anymore with the lack of enough money in my life. I want to have enough money to pay bills, to go where I want to, to help my family, friends, and others and to live my life to the fullest.

Why with question marksMy daughter was the one to inspire my why. One day she said to me: Mom, you are very intelligent. You teach 4 subjects at the high school. I do not know any other teacher that can do that. Nice. But …… we cannot go regularly on a vacation and for sure not where we want to, you can never buy what I want to, when it comes to money there is never enough.


I have had a lot of academic education but no financial education whatsoever. Even as I was teaching economics at school, it was what the students needed to pass their exams. Not how to live a worry free live about their finances. Not how to experience financial freedom.


How can you financially educate yourself? By reading (Rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki for a start) and visiting seminars/events/workshops on finance topics.

Become money conscious

While looking for your why and educating yourself you will find yourself more money conscious. If you look for a definition of money-conscious you will find: becoming a person who is aware of the financial implications inherent to daily activities.

You will find yourself now thinking about a purchase, a sale advertisement, or any other thing involving money. You will ask yourself do I want this or do I need it? What will happen if I do not buy it? Is there a cheaper way to the same service of product quality? Is their a substitute? Will there be recurring costs? If yes, how can I afford them? And so on.

Maybe they will call you a tightwad till they see the results. Just hang on there.


I hope this blog will help you to start your journey towards financial freedom. Take your first to step start your online business!

Good luck.

Drop any question or comment here below. Please feel free to share your why down below and how you are going to educate yourself financially this year.

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