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Owner: Google (former owner Evan Williams) Product Overview was written in 1999 by Nate Shiva. is a platform especially made for bloggers. It is an all-inclusive website builder. The only thing you need to do is write. The platform will take care of all the technical stuff for you.



The Good & the BadGood and bad

The Good:

#1: You will have a free domain called

#2: AdSense is automatically added to your blog.

#3: Very simple to work with.

The Bad:

#1: Support is at a minimum.

#2: No direct integration with social platforms.

#3: Only for blogging in chronological order.



Who is for? is specially built for new bloggers. You can experience blogging for free. The interface is very simple.

But there is no reason for experienced bloggers not to use is also for experienced users because of the ease, the gratuity and its integration in Google. Tools & Training has no training. It is a platform you get the opportunity to blog, to write your stuff. Support

There are some ways to get support. The support team can answer your questions. That is the best way to go because the help options are not live or up to date. The Blogger Help Center is their help center and the most frequently asked questions can be answered there. There is a Blogger Help Forum for the community, but the community is not very active. There is also a Blogger Buzz for the community and a Google+ account but the last activity is from March 20, 2017. And you can find some answers in the Video section but the newest video is from 5 years ago.

There are many users still using, so you probably do not need a lot of help or you find help somewhere else like on YouTube. Price is completely free for all your sites as long as needed. The only time you can buy something is when you want to buy your own domain.



My Final Opinion of

It is a good free option if you want to blog. But if you need help to know what to write about, how to write, and other things you should know about blogging, you will not get it at



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