Help for getting out of debt

I have some awesome possibilities for people to start an online business. I also have opportunities to learn to earn. All my friends tell me that the opportunities are great, but they do not have the money to start. Sometimes it is fear that is holding them back. But sometimes it is the huge debt they have. They really can not afford anything else. What can they do? Where to get help to get out of debt? Robert Kiyosaki is today one of the richest men on earth, but he once had debts too. His experience led him to make a list to help for getting out of debt. What are all those things, good and bad debt, …?

I will go through some things that are important to help someone to get out of debt.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

When you are really in financial trouble, bankruptcy is always an option. For some people it is a viable alternative. It is still possible to obtain credit in some countries even if you do have a bankruptcy and/or a foreclosure on your record, This however will be different in different countries.

I grew up hearing that it is good to have a debt so will pay less in taxes. This is true, but you will have less every month too. They forgot to explain the part of good debt and bad debt.

Let’s take an example. I buy a house and live in it and pay my mortgage every month. This mortgage is a bad debt, because I am paying for.

Buying that same house but renting it out, will make the mortgage a good debt. The tenant will pay rent and the rent will cover mortgage and expenses.

Got it? A good debt is a debt on which someone else makes your payments. A bad debt is a debt you pay for.

Financial Intelligence

In the financial world they call good debt often leverage. If you have developed a high financial intelligence, you will know that having good debt is something you want. When someone else is paying for your debt, you will become rich. So from now on when you hear people simply say, ‘Get out of debt”, you know better and now it really means “Get out of bad debt”.

Most banks will lend you money to buy a house or a building, but they will not lend you money to buy stocks or so. Why? Because stocks are riskier than a building.

This does not mean that you should have a lot of good debt. The economy moves as waves up and down. Sometimes a good debt can change to a bad change. So be careful.

If you have a problem managing your personal finances, please do not get any more debt, good or bad. It is important that you have your finances in order before you can become a successful investor. As soon as it is possible: buy real estate.

In my case just getting out from under bad debt is enough to make my financial situation sunnier even without investing.

Help for getting out of debt in 10 steps

Step 1. Tell Yourself the Truth

Tell yourself exactly how your situation is. Don’t tell yourself and others that you have everything under control. Write all your expenses down. But most of all write your debts and the people and institutions you own money down.

Who are the people (family and friends included) and institutions that you do owe money? Write them all down. There are a lot of possible debts. Think about credit cards, school loans, car loans, boat loans, IOUs, store credit accounts, home shopping and online balances due, vacation home, and your personal residence.

These are all bad debts. Do not include your good debt, meaning debts for rental properties and business investments.


Step 2. Stop Accumulating Bad Debt

Do you know the saying,
“When you found you’ve dug yourself into a hole
… stop digging.”?

Do not take another loan. Anything you purchase you pay immediately or by the end of the month. Don’t use your credit cards anymore. When you do this you will realize how many times you buy something just for the sake of buying, without really needing it. You will also realize that probably you are living above your means.


Step 3. Pay yourself first

You need to think about the bad debts, but also about the future. Robert Kiyosaki has a strategy he calls the “three piggy banks”. This is so simple and yet so powerful. I am using this and I am feeling so good about it.

Set up three piggy banks: one for savings, one for tithing or charity and one for investing.

Any money that comes into your house is not to be used fully to pay debts and to buy things. From every dollar that comes in, put 10% in each of the piggy banks for a total of 30% of all your income.

For example, you earned $100, put $10 for savings, $10 for charity and $10 for investing. Keep doing this over and over and when you are getting financially stronger you increase your %. With time you will be living from only 30% and be putting 70% in your piggy banks. That would be awesome.

In some situations, this 30% is too much. Start with the money you can afford; as long as you are consistent. It should become a habit. It is a good way to change from the bad habit of creating debt to the good habit

The steps are simple:

  1. Set up three piggy banks: savings, charity, investing
  2. Decide what percentage of your income will go into each bank each month.
  3. Hold yourself accountable to “pay yourself first” with every dollar that comes into your home.

Step 4. Hire a bookkeeper

I can hear you asking “Why should I hire a bookkeeper when I have little-to-no money?” Well, a bookkeeper keeps you focused and forces you to face truth every month over and over again.

Bookkeepers keep accurate records, can be of great emotional support when dealing with your financial situation and all rich people have bookkeepers.

“A Note from Robert Kiyosaki: This is a step many people in financial trouble want to avoid. They often think they will save money by not hiring a professional bookkeeper. I know I thought that way. Yet after my rich dad reminded me that I was thinking like a poor person, thinking I could not afford something vital to my success, Kim and I bit the bullet and hired a bookkeeper.”

Saying it another way: “Poor and middle-class people do not have bookkeepers. Rich people do. So, find a way to afford a bookkeeper.”


Step 5. Make A Visual Picture of Each Debt

Visual and graphical information helps us best to understand a situation. In step #4 we made a list of all the debts. In this step, we are going to create a visual drawing of each debt. This will help us to determine in which order in which order we are going to paying our debt off. Draw a quadrant for each debt just like this one:

“In the top left-hand corner is the name of the debt, such as Visa. In the top right-hand corner write in the total balance owed. In the bottom left-hand corner write the minimum monthly payment due. Now, divide the total balance owed by the minimum payment due. For example, if you owe $2,000 on your Visa and your minimum amount due each month is $100, then $2000/$100 = 20. Write that number in the bottom right-hand corner and circle it in red. It would look like this:”

Sometimes you owe an individual money with no minimum monthly payment. Here you are going to decide what that amount is going to be.

When you are ready with this exercise (for all your debts) you will have something like this.


Step 6. Determine the Order for Paying Off each Debt

To determine the order, we are going to look only at the numbers that are circled. Which debt is number 1? Number 1 is the debt with the lowest number that is circled. Write number 1 next to the quadrant.

Find now number 2. This is the one with the next lowest number. And so on. Do this until all debts have a number.

Finally, you will get something like this:

Now you have your ordered list for paying your debts off. Doing it this way you will soon see results and this will encourage you to keep going until you are done.


Step 7. Find an extra $100-$200 per month

“Where am I going to find an extra $100 to $200 a month?” will probably be your thoughts. But realize that if you cannot find a way to have an additional $100 each month, your situation is really really …… It will be nearly impossible to achieve financial freedom.

But you can find a way. One that is legal and ethical. Can you bake cakes? Can you tutor a child? Something with your hobby? Affiliate Marketing? Wealthy Affiliate? Maybe work some extra hours? Try it, you will be surprised. It is easier than you think.

Having said that, there’s nothing stopping you from creating more than $200 per month either.


Step 8. Except for your #1 debt, Pay only the minimum payment required of each of your debts

The strategy mentioned here will work only if you pay the minimum payment due on each debt and only pay $100 to $200 more towards debt #1. You are only paying extra on debt number 1.

Keep on doing this each month until debt number 1 is completely paid off.

Go to the chart of debt number 1 and place a big red “X” through debt number 1.

And Celebrate!


Step 9. Move On To Debt #2

The first obstacle is taken. Congrats! Up to debt number 2.

Here we are going to do the same as before: pay only the minimum monthly payment required for all other debts. For debt number 2 pay the minimum payment required PLUS the full amount you were paying on debt #1.

Here is an example: the amount you will be paying each month on debt number 2 will be the sum of:

  • The minimum monthly payment required on debt #2.
  • The minimum monthly payment you were paying on debt #1
  • The additional $100 to $200 per month.

This way you will be accelerating your payments on each debt you tackle.

Continue to do this each month until debt number 2 is paid off. Then put a red “X” through debt #2 — and celebrate!

Move onto debt number 3. Pay the following towards debt number 3:

  • The minimum monthly payment required on debt number 3.
  • The total amount you were paying on debt number 2, which included:
    • The minimum monthly payment you were paying on debt number 1
    • The minimum monthly payment you were paying on debt number 2
    • The additional $100 to $200 per month.

Continue each month until debt number 3 is paid off. Put a red “X” through debt number 3.


If you use this strategy you will not believe how fast you can become debt free. Some people will be free in 3 years others in 5 to 7 years.


Step 10. The Monthly Amount You Paid on Your Final Debt –

Invest It!

This is an ongoing process. Once you are debt free, you will use the amount you were paying monthly on your last debt to invest! Not only once, but each month over and over again. This amount will be substantial because of the accumulation over the different debts. You will be really surprised how much money you will have available to build the life you have always dreamed of. A life with no money issues anymore! YES!!

This will put you on the road from debt-free to becoming rich!!




What is a Rat Race?

“Name your price” this is a sentence you hear a lot of movies. Haven’t you seen a movie like that? A movie like ‘An indecent proposal’ is even based on this theme. What you hear a lot is, that most people have a price. Have you?

According to Robert Kiyosaki, most people have a price because of two human emotions; fear and greed. The books of Robert Kiyosaki can be bought at Fear is our worst enemy. Or like .. said, “The greatest fear is fear itself”. There are six types of fear that we deal with. Please read my post about them.

The fear of being without money and greed keeps us is in a Rat Race. What is a Rat Race? Is a Rat Race bad or good?

Rat Race

What is a Rat Race?

The fear of being without money makes us work hard for a paycheck. When we get that paycheck our desire or greed makes us thinking about all the things we could have or buy. Imagine you alone win a $10 million lot. What would you do with it? You will know, won’t you? Houses, cars, clothes, college, travel, and so on. Ok, a paycheck is not that much, but the first paycheck you received sure felt like that.

With accepting that paycheck and going back to work again you started a pattern that is set for life. You get up, go to work, pay bills; get up, go to work, pay bills. Sounds familiar?

If they offer us more money, our fear and greed will keep us in the pattern. It will keep us in the Rat Race.

We will continue the cycle by increasing our spending because we got more money. In a year we will get a raise. At the end of the year, we will get a bonus. All of these keeps us in the pattern, in a Rat Race.

Are people happy in the Rat Race?Insomia

Most of the time they are not, but do not see the Rat Race as the problem. As mentioned earlier our emotions of greed and fear control our thinking. Most people are afraid of being without money This is why most of us get up in the morning and go to work. Is it because we love it so much? Most of the time it is because we are afraid of being without money if we do not work. We hope that when we receive the paycheck it will soothe the fear. But it doesn’t. So we go to work so next month we will be safe. This pattern, a rat race, will go on and on; working, earning, working, earning, ….

A lot of people can not even sleep because they are thinking how to get through the month. Some people even worry about how to go through one single day. A lot of worries caused by the fear of being without money. Do you know how many people cannot sleep at night? And most of them is because they do not know how to pay the bills.

Will being rich solve the problem?

No, it won’t. Will be poor than solve the problem? No, it won’t either.

Being poor for sure will not help.

Being PoorYou will need money to pay for surviving every day. The fear of being without money is enormous. Poor people run to money whenever it is waving at them. Sometimes it even makes them do things for money that you can not tell your mom about.


Middle-class people accumulate more debt as they earn more. Because as they become more successful they are going to spend more and most of the time it will be more than they can afford. More money, more spending. When they get a pay raise, it allows them to borrow more money. Most of the time they buy doodads. Doodads are personal items that cost them more money all the time and not bringing any money in. Things like newer cars, vacation homes and boats. Their wage is used to pay current expenses and paying off all those debts.

Middle Class
Because of fear, many rich people are rich. They think that if they have a lot of money they cannot be poor. So having a Rich Peoplelot of money will eliminate the fear of being poor. This is the very reason that now the fear of losing it all comes into play. They have a lot and want more, they keep on working although they are filthy rich. Imagine they lose everything. What would their friends say?

Can you get out of the Rat Race?

Can you control your emotions of fear and greed? We all have the emotions of fear and greed. It is important however not to give in to them and to be able to delay your reaction to them and think. It would great to use the emotions to our advantage. To be able to do that we need information and education. Not the one they learn you at school. I am talking about financial education.

Financial education will learn you how to put your money work for you and not the way around.

Do you like the Rat Race or do you want to get out of it?

Spending your life living in fear and never exploring your dreams is a way to live.

Waking up in the middle of the night, sweating and terrified about paying bills is another way to live.

Living a life that is dictated by the amount of your paycheck is also a way to live.

For me, none of the above is a way to live. I have been there. I know the feeling of each one but I decided that it is not enough for me. I really want to enjoy life. There is so much I want to experience and it is possible.

Financial education gives you ways to get out of the Rat Race. Learn how to control your greed and desire and learn how you can earn money in different ways than 9 to 5 jobs.

Start earning more money differently. This can be done for example by writing a blog or by Forex Trading.

Make a choice and live the way you want!!

Live your dream!




Fear our worst enemy

Many times I have asked my self why I did not realize what I want. I have tried to do everything my parents told me. I worked hard and I was always in the top 3 at school and in sports. I studied at a university, got good jobs and still have a good job. I was the Curacao table tennis champion, went to a World Championship and till this day I am the sub-champion of Curacao.

All this was to reach a moment in life to do whatever I wanted, a life of financial freedom so I could do what I want.

I was almost a half-century old and I still was still not where I thought I would be. My hard work didn’t take me where I wanted to be. There are many reasons for this. It wasn’t until l read ‘Rich dad, poor dad’ from Robert Kiyosaki and later ‘Think and Grow Rich’ from Napoleon Hill, that I understood that there were mind steps to be taken to reach financial freedom. Both books can be bought at

They teach you what needs to happen in your mind, to start your online business, to have riches. Only then you can understand and make use of the laws of nature, like the law of attraction.

One of the first things to do is to get rid of fear, our worst enemy. Cleaning your mind of fear will take the weight off your shoulders. Did you know that our worst enemy comes in different ways? In this post, I will write about 6 types of fear.

Fear wordFear of poverty

Fear of poverty is a state of mind. If you have the desire to be rich there is no place in your mind for the fear of poverty. Think about rich in the broad sense. So, this not only means rich financially but also spiritual and mental. The way to riches and the way of fear of poverty travel in really the opposite way. If fear of poverty is your state of mind, it will paralyze your faculty of reason, leaves no place for imagination and discourages everything you think about of doing.Fear of Poverty

Some symptoms: indifference, indecision, doubt, worry, over caution and procrastination.

So if you desire riches, whatever riches, be sure why, and how you want it. You have to define what you want so you can work towards it without the fear of poverty, without our worst enemy.

Fear of criticism

There are not many people that like to be criticized. It makes us uncomfortable. Some people fear criticism so much that they will never show initiative, they never think outside of the box. What if they do something and get a critique? It is almost like dying. So do nothing and you will not be criticized.Fear of Criticism

How bad is your fear of criticism? Is it your worst enemy?

Fear of ill health

what does illness mean to you? Loss of income, getting older, getting closer to death? There are so many experiments conducted on how people imagine themselves ill. Here on the island where I come from, everybody thinks that when you get old, your legs will stop working as well as they used to. Or they will give you a lot of pain. Most of the elder people on the island have problems with their legs.

Fear of loss of loveFear of Loss of Love

This is a fear I think most of us have experienced. It is said that this one is one of the most painful. Therefore it can have a great impact on our body and mind. One symptom of this fear is jealousy. Being suspicious of friends and sometimes even loved ones without even having evidence that there is something going on. In movies, you see one accusing the spouse without any reason. This is another symptom. Most of the symptoms have to do with being suspicious of other people. How can you reach riches by suspecting people being bad?

Fear of Old Age

Earlier we talked about ill health and we touched the idea of growing old and becoming ill. Well, the fear of becoming old itself has more problems than only illness. Sexual attraction will diminish. This is a reason that people use Botox and this and that. Hair coloring is also an expression of that. I do not color my hair and all the time I get reactions like “If you color your hair you will look younger”. I am OK.

Getting old most of the times means depending on others, not being able to drive, forgetting things, and so on.

Fear of DeathFear of Death

This fear is so common to all of us and I almost think that we are born with this fear. In our education by parents and school prepares us to do this and that not to die. Every religion has a way of preparing people for what comes after death. Now in the 21st Century, a lot of people think that we are made up of energy. And what the law says that energy can not be destroyed, it can only transform. So death is a transition to another way for energy to express itself. So do not worry.

Fear no more

I ended the last paragraph with the word worry. Worry comes when you fear. And when somebody is worrying he doesn’t make decisions. Not making decisions you do not see progress, so fear enters once more. So, Fear no more!

Get rid of the fear of death. Reach a decision that death is inevitable and on how you will envision death.

Another decision to reach is that you will accumulate wealth without worries.

There are more decisions to be taken as you are not going to worry about how or what other people think of you on the path to reach your wealth.

Hopefully, we all will get old as a sign of accumulating wisdom and a lot of experience and self-control.

Take the decision to feel healthy, fit and wealthy. With those 3 things, there is no room for symptoms of illness.

Decisions about love: I will live on although it will be only with my love for myself.

Free of Fear

With all these decisions taken it is time to start your own online business and get on the road to riches!!



How to turn a passion into business?

I was in an event of learning how to trade Forex with more than 400 people, Forex Trading Chartand the speaker asked who went to college. A lot of hands raised. Then he asked who is doing what he studied for. You could count on your two hands how many. It is such a pity. Most of us studied something that we liked or thought that it would bring us enough money.
As time passed and we are not doing what we like or what is bringing us money, we have to take a moment to assess the situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to do something you like, you are passionate about and earn enough money at the same time? What if you knew how to turn a passion into a business?

I remember when I was little my parents told me to do my best at school, go to college and get a good job so I could be doing what I wanted. It took a long time. Reading a lot of books about financial freedom and personal development, I came to understand that the mindset is everything.

So what is needed to turn your passion into a business?

Define your Passionpassion

To turn your passion into a business you have to know what you are passionate about. What gives you confidence and energy? What gives you a warm feeling? Sometimes you can figure this out for yourself. Sometimes it will not hurt to ask the people closest to you, like your family and friends, for their opinion. I would advise you to start with a list of things you like, so along the way you can choose better, which one you really want to turn into a business.

Here are some questions that can help you to get started:

  • what are the things that you like to talk about?
  • what activities make you forget time?
  • are there other people doing what you like? Are you following them?
  • can you make something, do something that other people admire?
  • are people telling you that you are good in …….
  • when you have time off, what do you do?
  • if you had enough money, what will you be working on?
  • how would you like people to remember you?
  • do you read? What do you read about?

I know I wanted a business but I had no idea in what. I was not used to thinking business wise. So most of the things I came up with, would not bring me any money. I decided to start with Wealthy Affiliate anyway. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you some skills in affiliate marketing you can practice in promoting their product. So I started. But while learning I got inspired. The community of Wealthy Affiliate is so big, helpful and there are so many stories of all over the world, that ideas come into your head. Things you never heard of before or never thought of.
My advice is to start somewhere and ideas will come rolling in.

Where are your customers?Customer

By now you could have a list of things you like or are passionate about. Now you need to find out what other people would like to know about them. Would they be willing to pay for that product or service or info you will be offering? If you do not know go do some research. Ask people, read about it, google it and find a way you can make your passion needy and profitable. What you want is to help people out with their needs. You can read my article “How to sell your product online”.

When you know who your customers are you have to find out where you can find them. Some months ago my teenage daughter told me I was using Facebook too much so she will not be using it anymore. Just a tip!

Are they using the internet? If yes, how? Which platform do they use? Where do they use the internet and so on. So you have to think about a way to reach your customers.

From passion to business

When turning your passion into your business you need to realize what a business is all about. It is no longer doing only what you like to do, but it also has to do with marketing, financial statements, dealing with customers and so on. If you have never had a business before, you will be surprised how much time the business side will take from you. Sometimes you can end up with less time for what you like. Sometimes it even takes away a little passion off your passion.

Those are just things that could happen, especially with the traditional way of doing business. Wealthy Affiliate offers you a way to do business in this century with modern tools and technology. The way Wealthy Affiliate let you turn a passion into your business, you will be more into your passion. They will take care of most of the things you do not want or know about. It has to do a lot about writing about your passion. Before you can write something that will attract others you have to do your research. You have to write the right information. This will build trust with your customers. While repeating this cycle over and over again you will become an expert. You will be creating content that counts.

Make a plan

Plan your business

Now that you know which passion to turn into business and who you are going to target, it is time to make a plan. Put on paper:

  • what you are going to do
  • for who you are going to do it
  • with whom
  • your targets
  • things (money, products, place) needed
  • how you are going to present your product to your customers

Use an online backbone

You can do your research again to know where to find an online backbone to turn your passion into a business, but people all over the world have done this for you. Wealthy Affiliate is the number one place to be. They offer you the necessary tools, education, hosting, mentoring and a lovely caring community to make your dreams come true.


There is nothing left to say. Take action! Start now!

==> Join more than a quarter of million people at

                                 Wealthy Affiliate!!!






Think about money in a good way

Are you familiar with: “Finish your high school, get a degree, find a job, work hard and you will have time and money to do what you want!”? Well for me it didn’t work out as I thought or wanted. There were some steps nobody told me about. I was caught in the ‘Rat Race‘.

Rat race

In my experience till now, I realize that there are mind steps to be taken to get there.

BeliefsHead with beliefs

I come from a small island in the Caribbean. A long time ago the island was full of slaves and in one way or the other, some slavish beliefs still rule over our lives. I didn’t want to believe that.

But realizing how I was thinking about money and wealth, I realize that some things have not changed and will not if we change them consciously.

Here are some sayings we grew up with:

  • Money will not make you happy.
  • Business people are out to get you.
  • You can not be humble and rich at the same time.
  • Having money is having diseases.
  • People with money look great, but are unhappy, sick, lonely, and so on.

How to change this?

  1. Looking for your why
  2. Educate yourself
  3. Become money conscious

Why do you want to change the way you think about money?

My why is that I do not want to live anymore with the lack of enough money in my life. I want to have enough money to pay bills, to go where I want to, to help my family, friends, and others and to live my life to the fullest.

Why with question marksMy daughter was the one to inspire my why. One day she said to me: Mom, you are very intelligent. You teach 4 subjects at the high school. I do not know any other teacher that can do that. Nice. But …… we cannot go regularly on a vacation and for sure not where we want to, you can never buy what I want to, when it comes to money there is never enough.


I have had a lot of academic education but no financial education whatsoever. Even as I was teaching economics at school, it was what the students needed to pass their exams. Not how to live a worry free live about their finances. Not how to experience financial freedom.


How can you financially educate yourself? By reading (Rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki for a start) and visiting seminars/events/workshops on finance topics.

Become money conscious

While looking for your why and educating yourself you will find yourself more money conscious. If you look for a definition of money-conscious you will find: becoming a person who is aware of the financial implications inherent to daily activities.

You will find yourself now thinking about a purchase, a sale advertisement, or any other thing involving money. You will ask yourself do I want this or do I need it? What will happen if I do not buy it? Is there a cheaper way to the same service of product quality? Is their a substitute? Will there be recurring costs? If yes, how can I afford them? And so on.

Maybe they will call you a tightwad till they see the results. Just hang on there.


I hope this blog will help you to start your journey towards financial freedom. Take your first to step start your online business!

Good luck.

Drop any question or comment here below. Please feel free to share your why down below and how you are going to educate yourself financially this year.

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