Is WebTalk for you?

Maintaining your personal, professional and business life online has become a daunting task. Too many choices have created too much confusion, while none seems to give you the control over your communication that you desire. WebTalk is the first all in one communication, collaboration, and commerce networking community. Build to help you communicate better and save time. With WebTalk you will strengthen relationships with more targeted and visible communication, build your credibility and conduct your business more efficiently through a cloud-based hub that brilliantly organizes your personal, professional and business life into easy to manage categories.

Do you think WebTalk is for you?


Who sees what when








WebTalk puts you in control over who sees what and when. The social awkwardness of adding colleagues, friends, and family to the same online network, is now over. Managing your communication better begins with managing your contacts better. WebTalk’s patent binding connection process helps you label your connections based on real-life relationships. When building new relationships on WebTalk, you can label business connections as a prospective contact for sales, employment or business investment opportunities. Using WebTalk’s build in group and subgroup labeling feature. Then add keywords and descriptions that help search for that person later in your contacts management directory.

With build-in professional, personal and public networks WebTalk helps you manage your online life as you would in real life.




Building and maintaining credibility is extremely important in all aspects of your life. That is why WebTalk allows you to showcase your talent through their virtual resume and media gallery to show off your professional portfolio, degrees, certifications, photos and videos. Business can also showcase their products, ratings, and reviews on the business page. Helps to build trust and attract new customers. In the near future, WebTalk will offer a marketplace search feature to help all users find products offered by other members and conduct more business locally.


WebTalk pays you

WebTalk wants to help everyone connect to more opportunities and become more successful. That’s why WebTalk pays out up to 50% of all revenue through an immensely lucrative referral program called Social CPX. WebTalk’s largest online networking and e-commerce competitors generate tens of billions of dollars every year from advertising, premium upgrades and transaction fees. Facebook and Linkedin on average generate $3,- per month from every user and Amazon generates $70 per month per user from product sales. As the first social e-commerce community, WebTalk projects reaching an average of $10 per month from every user. WebTalk generates income from Advertising sales, Premium feature upgrades, Talent solutions, and Transaction Fees. Just like the others. But the difference is, we share it with you. When you enroll in their free affiliate program you earn a 10% commission on all revenue generated by the users and business’s you referred to WebTalk for life.

Your long time earning potential per user referral is estimated at $1 per user per month. We all know that $1 is not life changing so WebTalk decided to do the unimaginable. It will reward credit for starting a chain reaction of referrals. With WebTalk you will earn $1 for your direct referrals but also their referrals and their referrals. And so on, through 5 degrees of separation. Let’s say the average monthly commission per referral reaches $1. And you and all your referrals have 10 referrals each. And that this continues through all 5 degrees or levels of separation. You can earn $10 per month from your first level; $100 from your second; $1000 from your third; $10000 from your fourth and $100000 per month from your fifth level.

How to attract referrals?

With WebTalk’s affiliate program a simple follow me WebTalk on FaceBook or Twitter could be potentially life-changing.

Here is an example:

Follow me on WebTalk?

The best part of the affiliate program is that you do not have to change anything about your daily routines. Every Social Network gives you a profile or page link for you to share and build your network. WebTalk does the same only better. When your profile link drives new users to WebTalk, the patent-pending affiliate program gives you credit for the referral. Import your email or phone address books to invite your contacts to connect with you on WebTalk. And you will get credit for everyone that joins. Share your photo’s, videos and files with none members and you earn credit when they sign up to view them. If you own a website or blog, WebTalk provides you with social buttons and banner ads to display to your site visitors. And if these tools drive new users and you will earn for those referrals as well. It is that simple.

Social CPX is WebTalk standalone referral program app that provides you with a mobile dashboard that tracks all of your referrals from any of your social activities. You can view how many invitations you sent, how many people joined WebTalk thanks to you. The amount of revenue generated and your commissions. WebTalk and its affiliate program are free and always will be. The people and business that join WebTalk early and help to grow the community will have the largest income opportunity. Today there are 2 billion social network users worldwide with that number projected to double in the next 5 years. The more people you invite to WebTalk now, the better your chances are for a life-changing success. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Join now and invite everybody you know before they invite you.



Is WebTalk for you? I think so.

WebTalk is the best free way to communicate and create success.
Join me now!
or take a view of my profile on WebTalk.





Proper use of Hashtags

I was a complete newbie when I came to the first task of creating an account on social media and posting. Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me a lot how to post and all of the things related to that. When my daughter saw my posts she told me to use hashtags. Hash what? I didn’t know what she meant. She told me that if I didn’t use them, nobody would see my posts. I was like, I posted it so they will see it. Nopes was her answer.

One of my first posts was like this:



 Hashtag meaning

When you look op the meaning of hashtag, you will find something like this:

“the hash or pound sign (#)”


“(on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.”


“Users create and use hashtags by placing the number sign or pound sign # (also known as the hash character) in front of a string of alphanumeric characters, usually a word or unspaced phrase, in or at the end of a message. The hashtag may contain letters, digits, and underscores. Searching for that hashtag will yield each message that has been tagged with it.”

Well, the second one gave me more to go on. The third was about the use of hashtags.

I looked at my daughter’s posts and saw the hashtags. I had seen them before in posts, but I thought it was just a thing young people did. I didn’t know it had a purpose. The purpose is to attract people to your post by using keywords about your content and related to it. You must imagine that people looking for information/pictures/content on a specific topic will type in a hashtag to get the most relevant posts for them. We want to be part of what they find, we want the traffic! So the use of hashtags is important if you want your posts to be seen.


Me using hashtags

So I started using hashtags. Something like this:










There was my daughter again. I was not using them right. The way I used them, in the caption, made it not fine to read. And I had to put all words together, not using a space between words that belong together. Her recommendation was to use only one or two in the caption, but at the end, I could use as much as I wanted. The limit for Instagram is 30!

A better way

Ok, I had to do something else then. After that, my posts looked more like this and they had a better engagement.









Popular hashtags

Now I go to my twitter account and I look at the left-hand side and I see which hashtags are trending and if they can be matched with my content I use them. Like I did October 1st.













I do not post without hashtags. I love them and they help me to get traffic, impressions, clicks and all the things we bloggers love. Some people say not to use too much, only 3 or 4. I use as much as I can as long as they are relevant to the content I posted.


Tell me about your experience with the use of hashtags.



Help for getting out of debt

I have some awesome possibilities for people to start an online business. I also have opportunities to learn to earn. All my friends tell me that the opportunities are great, but they do not have the money to start. Sometimes it is fear that is holding them back. But sometimes it is the huge debt they have. They really can not afford anything else. What can they do? Where to get help to get out of debt? Robert Kiyosaki is today one of the richest men on earth, but he once had debts too. His experience led him to make a list to help for getting out of debt. What are all those things, good and bad debt, …?

I will go through some things that are important to help someone to get out of debt.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

When you are really in financial trouble, bankruptcy is always an option. For some people it is a viable alternative. It is still possible to obtain credit in some countries even if you do have a bankruptcy and/or a foreclosure on your record, This however will be different in different countries.

I grew up hearing that it is good to have a debt so will pay less in taxes. This is true, but you will have less every month too. They forgot to explain the part of good debt and bad debt.

Let’s take an example. I buy a house and live in it and pay my mortgage every month. This mortgage is a bad debt, because I am paying for.

Buying that same house but renting it out, will make the mortgage a good debt. The tenant will pay rent and the rent will cover mortgage and expenses.

Got it? A good debt is a debt on which someone else makes your payments. A bad debt is a debt you pay for.

Financial Intelligence

In the financial world they call good debt often leverage. If you have developed a high financial intelligence, you will know that having good debt is something you want. When someone else is paying for your debt, you will become rich. So from now on when you hear people simply say, ‘Get out of debt”, you know better and now it really means “Get out of bad debt”.

Most banks will lend you money to buy a house or a building, but they will not lend you money to buy stocks or so. Why? Because stocks are riskier than a building.

This does not mean that you should have a lot of good debt. The economy moves as waves up and down. Sometimes a good debt can change to a bad change. So be careful.

If you have a problem managing your personal finances, please do not get any more debt, good or bad. It is important that you have your finances in order before you can become a successful investor. As soon as it is possible: buy real estate.

In my case just getting out from under bad debt is enough to make my financial situation sunnier even without investing.

Help for getting out of debt in 10 steps

Step 1. Tell Yourself the Truth

Tell yourself exactly how your situation is. Don’t tell yourself and others that you have everything under control. Write all your expenses down. But most of all write your debts and the people and institutions you own money down.

Who are the people (family and friends included) and institutions that you do owe money? Write them all down. There are a lot of possible debts. Think about credit cards, school loans, car loans, boat loans, IOUs, store credit accounts, home shopping and online balances due, vacation home, and your personal residence.

These are all bad debts. Do not include your good debt, meaning debts for rental properties and business investments.


Step 2. Stop Accumulating Bad Debt

Do you know the saying,
“When you found you’ve dug yourself into a hole
… stop digging.”?

Do not take another loan. Anything you purchase you pay immediately or by the end of the month. Don’t use your credit cards anymore. When you do this you will realize how many times you buy something just for the sake of buying, without really needing it. You will also realize that probably you are living above your means.


Step 3. Pay yourself first

You need to think about the bad debts, but also about the future. Robert Kiyosaki has a strategy he calls the “three piggy banks”. This is so simple and yet so powerful. I am using this and I am feeling so good about it.

Set up three piggy banks: one for savings, one for tithing or charity and one for investing.

Any money that comes into your house is not to be used fully to pay debts and to buy things. From every dollar that comes in, put 10% in each of the piggy banks for a total of 30% of all your income.

For example, you earned $100, put $10 for savings, $10 for charity and $10 for investing. Keep doing this over and over and when you are getting financially stronger you increase your %. With time you will be living from only 30% and be putting 70% in your piggy banks. That would be awesome.

In some situations, this 30% is too much. Start with the money you can afford; as long as you are consistent. It should become a habit. It is a good way to change from the bad habit of creating debt to the good habit

The steps are simple:

  1. Set up three piggy banks: savings, charity, investing
  2. Decide what percentage of your income will go into each bank each month.
  3. Hold yourself accountable to “pay yourself first” with every dollar that comes into your home.

Step 4. Hire a bookkeeper

I can hear you asking “Why should I hire a bookkeeper when I have little-to-no money?” Well, a bookkeeper keeps you focused and forces you to face truth every month over and over again.

Bookkeepers keep accurate records, can be of great emotional support when dealing with your financial situation and all rich people have bookkeepers.

“A Note from Robert Kiyosaki: This is a step many people in financial trouble want to avoid. They often think they will save money by not hiring a professional bookkeeper. I know I thought that way. Yet after my rich dad reminded me that I was thinking like a poor person, thinking I could not afford something vital to my success, Kim and I bit the bullet and hired a bookkeeper.”

Saying it another way: “Poor and middle-class people do not have bookkeepers. Rich people do. So, find a way to afford a bookkeeper.”


Step 5. Make A Visual Picture of Each Debt

Visual and graphical information helps us best to understand a situation. In step #4 we made a list of all the debts. In this step, we are going to create a visual drawing of each debt. This will help us to determine in which order in which order we are going to paying our debt off. Draw a quadrant for each debt just like this one:

“In the top left-hand corner is the name of the debt, such as Visa. In the top right-hand corner write in the total balance owed. In the bottom left-hand corner write the minimum monthly payment due. Now, divide the total balance owed by the minimum payment due. For example, if you owe $2,000 on your Visa and your minimum amount due each month is $100, then $2000/$100 = 20. Write that number in the bottom right-hand corner and circle it in red. It would look like this:”

Sometimes you owe an individual money with no minimum monthly payment. Here you are going to decide what that amount is going to be.

When you are ready with this exercise (for all your debts) you will have something like this.


Step 6. Determine the Order for Paying Off each Debt

To determine the order, we are going to look only at the numbers that are circled. Which debt is number 1? Number 1 is the debt with the lowest number that is circled. Write number 1 next to the quadrant.

Find now number 2. This is the one with the next lowest number. And so on. Do this until all debts have a number.

Finally, you will get something like this:

Now you have your ordered list for paying your debts off. Doing it this way you will soon see results and this will encourage you to keep going until you are done.


Step 7. Find an extra $100-$200 per month

“Where am I going to find an extra $100 to $200 a month?” will probably be your thoughts. But realize that if you cannot find a way to have an additional $100 each month, your situation is really really …… It will be nearly impossible to achieve financial freedom.

But you can find a way. One that is legal and ethical. Can you bake cakes? Can you tutor a child? Something with your hobby? Affiliate Marketing? Wealthy Affiliate? Maybe work some extra hours? Try it, you will be surprised. It is easier than you think.

Having said that, there’s nothing stopping you from creating more than $200 per month either.


Step 8. Except for your #1 debt, Pay only the minimum payment required of each of your debts

The strategy mentioned here will work only if you pay the minimum payment due on each debt and only pay $100 to $200 more towards debt #1. You are only paying extra on debt number 1.

Keep on doing this each month until debt number 1 is completely paid off.

Go to the chart of debt number 1 and place a big red “X” through debt number 1.

And Celebrate!


Step 9. Move On To Debt #2

The first obstacle is taken. Congrats! Up to debt number 2.

Here we are going to do the same as before: pay only the minimum monthly payment required for all other debts. For debt number 2 pay the minimum payment required PLUS the full amount you were paying on debt #1.

Here is an example: the amount you will be paying each month on debt number 2 will be the sum of:

  • The minimum monthly payment required on debt #2.
  • The minimum monthly payment you were paying on debt #1
  • The additional $100 to $200 per month.

This way you will be accelerating your payments on each debt you tackle.

Continue to do this each month until debt number 2 is paid off. Then put a red “X” through debt #2 — and celebrate!

Move onto debt number 3. Pay the following towards debt number 3:

  • The minimum monthly payment required on debt number 3.
  • The total amount you were paying on debt number 2, which included:
    • The minimum monthly payment you were paying on debt number 1
    • The minimum monthly payment you were paying on debt number 2
    • The additional $100 to $200 per month.

Continue each month until debt number 3 is paid off. Put a red “X” through debt number 3.


If you use this strategy you will not believe how fast you can become debt free. Some people will be free in 3 years others in 5 to 7 years.


Step 10. The Monthly Amount You Paid on Your Final Debt –

Invest It!

This is an ongoing process. Once you are debt free, you will use the amount you were paying monthly on your last debt to invest! Not only once, but each month over and over again. This amount will be substantial because of the accumulation over the different debts. You will be really surprised how much money you will have available to build the life you have always dreamed of. A life with no money issues anymore! YES!!

This will put you on the road from debt-free to becoming rich!!




Start Blogging – for beginners

Blogging Word Cloud
Once I asked my daughter what she wanted to do later. She said Blogging. In my time the most common answer would have been a teacher, accountant, lawyer, nurse, or police.  At first, I was asking myself if you could make a living from it? How does that work? So it was time to update me.


What are blogging, a blogger, and a blog?

Since 1990, people have been using the world wide web for regular recordkeeping of things that happened. This was the creation of a web·log. Now we have shortened the word to blog. So to blog means writing regularly on a website about things that are happening.

So a person that is a blogger, is a person that has a blog. In other words that person is blogging.

Bloggers write regularly about an event, topic, situation, something they love. There are people blogging about the music they love ( or about yoga ( or about sneakers ( and it is a never-ending list.Blogger making a blog

Time passed and guess what? Mom became a blogger before the daughter. I write about Affiliate Marketing ( on this site and about Forex Trading training on another ( Writing almost every day a little I came to realize that people like to share things and are looking for information the whole time. No wonder that Google is so popular. Especially when you are older you have experienced so much that you want to share this with others. I had a lot of academic and professional education, not realizing that I was lacking financial education. I want to tell people of this so that they do not have wait as long as I. But blogging is for young people too. Blogging is about writing and using technology and social media. The world of our youth!



Earn an income blogging

Blogging has become popular because you can earn a living blogging. This is possible in various ways. But what is the difference with a normal website? A website is normally static, meaning that you put the information once there and it changes only when your product or contact information or something like that changes. With blogging, you constantly update posts on your website. People that visit your website get new information from you like every week or so. Some people blog every day. Your visitors get engaged and at some time they start to trust you. Through comments, they can leave a comment and you can answer. This means that you have direct and personal contact with your customers all over the world. When they trust you, they are willing to buy something from you too. Will you leave me a comment too? I would appreciate that.

But how is all this writing bringing in the bucks?

Visitors to your blog will know that you will be putting new information on your website will visit you regularly. If you do not want them to miss out, you can ask them to enter their information on an email list. Your visitors will receive an email as soon as you write a new blog. If they have bought something, they will be reminded of the product again and maybe buy again or recommend it to a friend. You can also use your blog to give your visitors tips and or let your visitors know of new deals and developments.

Even when you are not selling a product you can have a blog and make use of Affiliate Marketing. In another post on this website, I explained what Affiliate Marketing is all about. Here the same principle applies. Visitors will gain trust in you because you publish content that is unique, Here your passion has to shine through. It is important to write about something you are passionate about. It makes it easier to write and also to find new topics to write about. People must feel your passion and maybe they will fall in love with you or your product.


Work at homeOther benefits for a blogger

As a blogger, you can work from home or anywhere. All you need are a computer, internet, and ideas.

You can also work when you want to.

You will be your own boss, this means also that you need self-discipline.

With blogging, you can earn passive income. Write for some hours and earn while sleeping.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your story with the world.

You can gain recognition for your business or yourself. Some people started blogging and now they are making movies, writing books or even traveling for companies so they can blog about their travels.

But remember writing takes time and the rewards will not be in your bank account, just after finishing your first post.

Getting help to start

There are a lot of bloggers, there are so many ways to start. Most people start with building a website. This can take some time to build if you are not technologically savvy. There are ways to have a website up and running in no time with domain names and all the things you should have.

I would recommend you to start with a program that will help you, guide you step by step. You will know what to do and in which order. It can be scary to be alone on a journey with no clues where to go or what to do. On this website, you will find reviews of different training programs like Affilorama, Elite Marketing Pro and Wealthy Affiliate. Read and find out which one will suit you best.

Now is blogging something for you?

You would not know until you start. Try it, feel and see for yourself what it is. Like I said before it was no idea of mine to start blogging but I started with Wealthy Affiliate and I got hooked. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can start for free. It would cost you nothing, but you will gain some experience.

Start your own blog now!!





What is Affiliate Marketing about?


Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing are words that have been used in Affiliate Marketingother posts on this website and more and more people are wondering what it is. It is not yet something that is commonly known. Although within the internet marketing world, everybody knows what the term means. But what is affiliate marketing about? There are different definitions used but they are all about the same.

As I said earlier, there are different definitions used. I will try to say it in a way that it is easy to understand.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy where a company rewards/pays an individual person for attracting customers, sometimes even visitors, to that business. That individual person is called an affiliate.

Online there are different possibilities. Using a website is the possibility that first comes to mind. But it is not the only way. You can also use YouTube, SlideShare, Pinterest, Email marketing, Linkedin, and E-books.

Social Media Icons



This started almost 30 years ago. Can you imagine that? As soon as the internet presented itself, people became creative. In 1989 the concept of this type of marketing was introduced by William J. Tobin. He was the founder of PC Flowers & Gifts.

The affiliate marketing programs became widely known by They were not the first but they made an associate program that was liked by both companies and affiliates. Other companies copied this system so they could promote their affiliate programs too. In 1996 started to offer their associates banner or text links. The affiliate could put those banners and links on their websites. When visitors clicked on the links and went to the website, and became customers, the affiliate received a payment. A visitor becomes a customer when he or she buys something.

This is the way that most affiliate programs work nowadays.

Compensation for the affiliate

There are different ways that an affiliate can be paid, compensated. The Income for Affiliatecompensation is not always necessary in the form of money. Sometimes you get a gift card or credit points for ‘free’ gifts. I’m going to give you the three most used forms of affiliate marketing in 2018.

Revenue sharing or pay per sale (PPS): this is when the company pays an affiliate for the cost of advertising when the visitor buys something, in other words, become a customer. This is the method used by 80% of the affiliate programs

Cost per action (CPA): 19% of the affiliate programs use this method. Other names used for CPA are cost per conversion or PPA (pay per acquisition). The company pays the affiliate for leads that result in a sale, a registration, a newsletter sign up. In other words, the company pays for a specific action.

Only 1% uses cost per click (CPC) or cost per mille (CPM), that is the cost per estimated 1000 views). The company makes use of display marketing. Display marketing is also a way of online advertising where the company’s promotional messages are put on social networks as Facebook or search engines results page (like Google and Yahoo).

Why become an affiliate or offer affiliate programs?

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is all about? What are some reasons to become an affiliate? Well here are some reasons:

  • The opportunity to work your own hours

This is what most of us want. Isn’t it? This also means that you can do it beside your 9 to 5 job.

  • Low start-up costs

To start up a brick-and-mortar business you need a lot of money up front. This is necessary for the store/building, lawyers and inventory. All of this without earning a dime. With Affiliate marketing, no money is needed.

  • No expert knowledge needed

Let me put it like this. No expert knowledge needed to start. Along the way, you will become an expert in your niche.

  • No staff needed

This is you being the affiliate and only you earning commissions.

  • A way to earn a passive income

This is nice. Your website is working 24/7 for you. When you post something, it is work done just once, but over and over again it is helping you to attract visitors and customers.

  • You do not need a product

Really? Yes, really. How is that possible? Join an affiliate marketing training market and they will show you how.


Why offer affiliate programs?

What are the possible reasons for a company to offer affiliate programs? When you have read all the above, you can imagine some reasons.Sales go up

    • More traffic
    • a new group of customers
    • their brand will become more known
    • a different setup of the sales department
    • and ultimately more sales


Where to find affiliate programs?Magnifying Glass

The place where the company offers their affiliate programs is the place where to find them of course.

  1. The far most common place to find affiliate programs is on the website of the company. Most of the time you find info about their affiliate marketing program by scrolling down their home page. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see something like associate or affiliate program.
  2. Using Google. Search for affiliate programs + …… On the dots fill in your niche.
  3. Using Google again if you do not have a niche, but hen search for ‘List of Affiliate programs’
  4. Clickbank


Now that you know what affiliate marketing is about, would you like to join an affiliate marketing training to experience it for yourself? There are a lot of programs available. On this website, I have reviewed Wealthy Affiliate and Elite Marketing Pro. I have followed some free courses on the internet, but I had nothing after that. No sorry, I had more questions after the videos and lessons.

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate the most is the task-based video training. While in training you are creating websites, generating traffic and so on. Within 6 weeks of training, I got two pages indexed by Google.

But the choice is all yours. Educate yourself and soon you can make educated decisions on an affiliate program that suits you.





When starting with Wealthy Affiliate

I wrote a blog on the Wealthy Affiliate website that I want to share with you before you start with Wealthy Affiliate.

In my quest for doing things differently, looking for opportunities, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I do not remember how exactly I came across the friendly face of Mario Rosa telling me how Wealthy Affiliate can help me. I decided to make an account.


And then I got overwhelmed by all there was to see on the website. There was live chat, training, a lot of buttons. I didn’t start right away. Where to, why put my information out there? They urge you to write a bio, goals, etc. I wasn’t sure what would happen to my info and myself.

After two days with Wealthy Affiliate, I still didn’t do a thing. I asked questions before. I started. Let me tell you that all info you put in the chats, the goals, is only within the Wealthy Affiliate community. The reactions are loving and caring.

Smart Goals

When I realized this, I wanted to react and help others out too. For example someone wrote that they wanted enough money. I learned over the years that a goal should be SMART for you to have the chance to succeed. With SMART I mean that your goals should be:

  • Specific: it should be clear what you want. A one time earning, monthly income, or ..
  • Measurable: you should know when you reached your goal. Is $10 enough or is $1000?
  • Achievable: do you believe it is possible, achievable?
  • Realistic: is $1000000 per hour realistic?
  • Time-bounded: when must it happen?

Finally the start

Then I really focused on the training. I haven’t found my niche yet, so I switched to the Affiliate Bootcamp training. I am learning a lot and enjoying it. When reading comments, bio’s and achievements of others, I am getting ideas and inspiration.

Thank you, Wealthy Affiliate community!

So beginner, don’t be afraid and get going. Start with the green button on the left.

Enjoy the journey!

==> Start your journey here!