Brandon Boyd’s Keys to Success!

Brandon Boyd is a Chairman of iMarketsLive. He makes a lot of videos to help you with different aspects and with the network part of IML. He believes that are things to do and not to do on the way to success. From one of his videos, I made a summary of his keys to success.

Key #1 – Read Books

I hear you, you do not like to read books. Well, leaders are readers! Nowadays there are audio books available. Instead of reading you can listen to a book being read to you.

Brandon believes that in order to change your life, you have to change your mind and to do so you have to read a lot of books. I know this from experience

What type of books should you read? Well, books on persuasion and influence. You need the ability to persuade people to take action, to live a better life. You need to persuade people to take better decisions for their lives.

When you read different books, you read about different styles to do things. Choose the one that suits you best, model the way, adapt it to your personal style and circumstances. The idea is not to be a copy cat, but to be authentic. Study the great communicators, like Les Brown, Tony Robins, and Zig Ziglar. It is key in network marketing. The better you get in communicating, the better your chances are to get success.

Key #2 – Set Goals

Brandon says that without goals, no great thing will ever be achieved. Have you set your goals for this year? It is good to have your goals next to you all the time. It would not be a bad idea to print them, laminate them and put them somewhere you can see them often. Goals help you to remember why you are doing the things you do every single day. Set the goals in front of you, not just set them in your mind. In your mind, you have a big chance to forget about them. Look at your goals several times a day. Sometimes you have to modify your goals. It is possible to achieve your goals before the date you expected. For instance, you reached a certain rank this month instead of 3 months plan. Now you can set a bigger goal because you know it is possible!

Key #3 – Be A Leader

“You have to decide that you want to lead. You have to step forward. That means not being like everyone else.” These are the words of Mr. Boyd. But he is not the only one who says that. When you read books about finance, self-help, leadership, etc. you will see this expression all the time. Leaders are different from other people. One of those things is leadership. Most of the time you start out as a follower but at some point, you have to make the decision to be a leader. A leader is a person that can influence others. When others are watching tv, smoking, drinking, or playing games and so forth, you are doing something different. The practices just mentioned are not the practices of people that win! You lead! You step out. People that are successful for decades, not just for some months or a year, they do not play video games.

Maybe you know someone who is successful and doing those practices. Probably they can do those now that they are successful. On the way to success, those practices will only stand in the way.

Key #4 – Be More Confident

Self-confidence is the process of keeping promises you made to yourself. Probably you will not see this in the dictionary. Self-confidence is for example: getting up at a certain time every single day, following through on what you said you would do, etc. When you do this it will build confidence in you. Confidence comes from pursuit, it comes from success after going through the mud in life. Everybody goes through it. The more that you pursuit, the more that you see happening, the more confident you will become. Confidence does not happen overnight. It is a process, it grows with your experience, by doing it over and over again.

You will also be more confident when you hang around the right people. It will boost your confidence. If you are hanging out with people that are going in the direction that you desire, guess what, it will help you to see the possibilities, it will boost your confidence.

Key #5 – Take Massive Action

Nothing great occurs without massive, consistent, focused action. To a lot of people, an action is a curse word. Things should come to them. But if you have this year a different year than last year it is going to take consistent, massive action. Whether you want the change in fitness, business, relationships, it is going to take massive action to bring on the desired change. Brandon, for example, takes massive action on his marriage. He takes time to spend with his wife, communicating with her, giving her words of affirmation, spending quality time with her, physically touch her, etc. So he has a good marriage.

Whatever you decide to do, take massive action and good things happen. If you focus on something hard enough and long enough, it will become fruit in your life. It needs laser focus over a period. Some people go to a convention, love it, try one or two things out for hardly a week, and then tell you that it doesn’t work. So it is not only massive action, it is consistent massive action.

Key #6 – Think Big Thoughts

Small thoughts equal small results. You can’t have a Rolls Royce when you plant a Honda Accord. Some can say that this is offensive. Maybe you have a Honda Accord. It is a nice car and there is nothing wrong with it or you. This example is taken by Brandon Boyd to show the difference in car class. It could be any other car.

The point is that if you want to have a huge future, there are certain things that you need to plan in order to have that huge future. So get around what it is you want. Is it a car, a house or a person? Whether it is a material thing or a spiritual thing, define what it is and who you want to become. And make it big.

Read books to help you with this. The first book Brandon read about this was “The Magic of Thinking Big”. He read it when he was in college. Today you can even listen to it on audio. That book changed his thinking. He went from wanting to make a hundred grand a year to a hundred grand a month!! And guess what? It happened. But Brandon thinks that this would not have happened if he didn’t read the book or surrounded himself with the people that thought the same way.

Key #7 – Change Associations

You cannot afford to spend time with those who are negative; those who are not in support of what you are trying to do. One of the goals Brandon has is that if you are going to call or contact him with negative information he is going to ask you to go away. Sometimes in business, you have to deal with some negative things, but that is different from complaining. Some people are really energy vampires.

Only spend time with those who are positive thinkers and eliminate the rest; disassociate. Although everybody is God’s child, it doesn’t mean you have to hang out with every single one of them. This can even happen with family members. Not just because they are family members you have to put up with them while they are bringing you down. Sometimes they do not like what you are doing or conducting your life,

The number 1 contributing factor to success is who you choose to associate with!

Take this info and apply it to your life. Do you think it will change things around? I know it will.

Be blessed and make a difference in your life!!