Fear our worst enemy

Many times I have asked my self why I did not realize what I want. I have tried to do everything my parents told me. I worked hard and I was always in the top 3 at school and in sports. I studied at a university, got good jobs and still have a good job. I was the Curacao table tennis champion, went to a World Championship and till this day I am the sub-champion of Curacao.

All this was to reach a moment in life to do whatever I wanted, a life of financial freedom so I could do what I want.

I was almost a half-century old and I still was still not where I thought I would be. My hard work didn’t take me where I wanted to be. There are many reasons for this. It wasn’t until l read ‘Rich dad, poor dad’ from Robert Kiyosaki and later ‘Think and Grow Rich’ from Napoleon Hill, that I understood that there were mind steps to be taken to reach financial freedom. Both books can be bought at AudiobooksNow.com.

They teach you what needs to happen in your mind, to start your online business, to have riches. Only then you can understand and make use of the laws of nature, like the law of attraction.

One of the first things to do is to get rid of fear, our worst enemy. Cleaning your mind of fear will take the weight off your shoulders. Did you know that our worst enemy comes in different ways? In this post, I will write about 6 types of fear.

Fear wordFear of poverty

Fear of poverty is a state of mind. If you have the desire to be rich there is no place in your mind for the fear of poverty. Think about rich in the broad sense. So, this not only means rich financially but also spiritual and mental. The way to riches and the way of fear of poverty travel in really the opposite way. If fear of poverty is your state of mind, it will paralyze your faculty of reason, leaves no place for imagination and discourages everything you think about of doing.Fear of Poverty

Some symptoms: indifference, indecision, doubt, worry, over caution and procrastination.

So if you desire riches, whatever riches, be sure why, and how you want it. You have to define what you want so you can work towards it without the fear of poverty, without our worst enemy.

Fear of criticism

There are not many people that like to be criticized. It makes us uncomfortable. Some people fear criticism so much that they will never show initiative, they never think outside of the box. What if they do something and get a critique? It is almost like dying. So do nothing and you will not be criticized.Fear of Criticism

How bad is your fear of criticism? Is it your worst enemy?

Fear of ill health

what does illness mean to you? Loss of income, getting older, getting closer to death? There are so many experiments conducted on how people imagine themselves ill. Here on the island where I come from, everybody thinks that when you get old, your legs will stop working as well as they used to. Or they will give you a lot of pain. Most of the elder people on the island have problems with their legs.

Fear of loss of loveFear of Loss of Love

This is a fear I think most of us have experienced. It is said that this one is one of the most painful. Therefore it can have a great impact on our body and mind. One symptom of this fear is jealousy. Being suspicious of friends and sometimes even loved ones without even having evidence that there is something going on. In movies, you see one accusing the spouse without any reason. This is another symptom. Most of the symptoms have to do with being suspicious of other people. How can you reach riches by suspecting people being bad?

Fear of Old Age

Earlier we talked about ill health and we touched the idea of growing old and becoming ill. Well, the fear of becoming old itself has more problems than only illness. Sexual attraction will diminish. This is a reason that people use Botox and this and that. Hair coloring is also an expression of that. I do not color my hair and all the time I get reactions like “If you color your hair you will look younger”. I am OK.

Getting old most of the times means depending on others, not being able to drive, forgetting things, and so on.

Fear of DeathFear of Death

This fear is so common to all of us and I almost think that we are born with this fear. In our education by parents and school prepares us to do this and that not to die. Every religion has a way of preparing people for what comes after death. Now in the 21st Century, a lot of people think that we are made up of energy. And what the law says that energy can not be destroyed, it can only transform. So death is a transition to another way for energy to express itself. So do not worry.

Fear no more

I ended the last paragraph with the word worry. Worry comes when you fear. And when somebody is worrying he doesn’t make decisions. Not making decisions you do not see progress, so fear enters once more. So, Fear no more!

Get rid of the fear of death. Reach a decision that death is inevitable and on how you will envision death.

Another decision to reach is that you will accumulate wealth without worries.

There are more decisions to be taken as you are not going to worry about how or what other people think of you on the path to reach your wealth.

Hopefully, we all will get old as a sign of accumulating wisdom and a lot of experience and self-control.

Take the decision to feel healthy, fit and wealthy. With those 3 things, there is no room for symptoms of illness.

Decisions about love: I will live on although it will be only with my love for myself.

Free of Fear

With all these decisions taken it is time to start your own online business and get on the road to riches!!



2 thoughts on “Fear our worst enemy”

  1. This was most interesting and an eye-opener. I must be honest with myself and admit that I have felt two of these fears for a large part of my life so far. This can indeed be crippling ( I mean that metaphorically), but as you point out, also literally. I have always had a deep seated fear of criticism and I know it’s kept me from reaching for my highest potential at times. I actually think WA is helping me break out of it. Thanks for writing this. I have heard of “Think and Grow Rich” and will check it out!

    1. Sue, thanks for your comment.
      You recognize your fears and that is the first step to be able to change it. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) really pushes you to do things you never thought you would be able to do. Within 24 hours of joining I had a website.
      I was ‘afraid” of social media and now I am making use of it and I am liking it. You meet so many people and it gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge.

      Enjoy the journey and let we realize our dreams without fear!!

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