How to turn a passion into business?

I was in an event of learning how to trade Forex with more than 400 people, Forex Trading Chartand the speaker asked who went to college. A lot of hands raised. Then he asked who is doing what he studied for. You could count on your two hands how many. It is such a pity. Most of us studied something that we liked or thought that it would bring us enough money.
As time passed and we are not doing what we like or what is bringing us money, we have to take a moment to assess the situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to do something you like, you are passionate about and earn enough money at the same time? What if you knew how to turn a passion into a business?

I remember when I was little my parents told me to do my best at school, go to college and get a good job so I could be doing what I wanted. It took a long time. Reading a lot of books about financial freedom and personal development, I came to understand that the mindset is everything.

So what is needed to turn your passion into a business?

Define your Passionpassion

To turn your passion into a business you have to know what you are passionate about. What gives you confidence and energy? What gives you a warm feeling? Sometimes you can figure this out for yourself. Sometimes it will not hurt to ask the people closest to you, like your family and friends, for their opinion. I would advise you to start with a list of things you like, so along the way you can choose better, which one you really want to turn into a business.

Here are some questions that can help you to get started:

  • what are the things that you like to talk about?
  • what activities make you forget time?
  • are there other people doing what you like? Are you following them?
  • can you make something, do something that other people admire?
  • are people telling you that you are good in …….
  • when you have time off, what do you do?
  • if you had enough money, what will you be working on?
  • how would you like people to remember you?
  • do you read? What do you read about?

I know I wanted a business but I had no idea in what. I was not used to thinking business wise. So most of the things I came up with, would not bring me any money. I decided to start with Wealthy Affiliate anyway. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you some skills in affiliate marketing you can practice in promoting their product. So I started. But while learning I got inspired. The community of Wealthy Affiliate is so big, helpful and there are so many stories of all over the world, that ideas come into your head. Things you never heard of before or never thought of.
My advice is to start somewhere and ideas will come rolling in.

Where are your customers?Customer

By now you could have a list of things you like or are passionate about. Now you need to find out what other people would like to know about them. Would they be willing to pay for that product or service or info you will be offering? If you do not know go do some research. Ask people, read about it, google it and find a way you can make your passion needy and profitable. What you want is to help people out with their needs. You can read my article “How to sell your product online”.

When you know who your customers are you have to find out where you can find them. Some months ago my teenage daughter told me I was using Facebook too much so she will not be using it anymore. Just a tip!

Are they using the internet? If yes, how? Which platform do they use? Where do they use the internet and so on. So you have to think about a way to reach your customers.

From passion to business

When turning your passion into your business you need to realize what a business is all about. It is no longer doing only what you like to do, but it also has to do with marketing, financial statements, dealing with customers and so on. If you have never had a business before, you will be surprised how much time the business side will take from you. Sometimes you can end up with less time for what you like. Sometimes it even takes away a little passion off your passion.

Those are just things that could happen, especially with the traditional way of doing business. Wealthy Affiliate offers you a way to do business in this century with modern tools and technology. The way Wealthy Affiliate let you turn a passion into your business, you will be more into your passion. They will take care of most of the things you do not want or know about. It has to do a lot about writing about your passion. Before you can write something that will attract others you have to do your research. You have to write the right information. This will build trust with your customers. While repeating this cycle over and over again you will become an expert. You will be creating content that counts.

Make a plan

Plan your business

Now that you know which passion to turn into business and who you are going to target, it is time to make a plan. Put on paper:

  • what you are going to do
  • for who you are going to do it
  • with whom
  • your targets
  • things (money, products, place) needed
  • how you are going to present your product to your customers

Use an online backbone

You can do your research again to know where to find an online backbone to turn your passion into a business, but people all over the world have done this for you. Wealthy Affiliate is the number one place to be. They offer you the necessary tools, education, hosting, mentoring and a lovely caring community to make your dreams come true.


There is nothing left to say. Take action! Start now!

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4 thoughts on “How to turn a passion into business?”

  1. Thanx for a good read. You’re right that once you turn your passion into a business, sometimes you have less time to do other things you like. But with dedication, persistence, and a little patience, that business can lead to success

  2. Nicely explained Mary-Ann..I can relate to it completely..Once I realized my passion and turn it into business gradually, it was such satisfaction. I got lot learn more about on your post. Thanks for sharing this!

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