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Once I asked my daughter what she wanted to do later. She said Blogging. In my time the most common answer would have been a teacher, accountant, lawyer, nurse, or police.  At first, I was asking myself if you could make a living from it? How does that work? So it was time to update me.


What are blogging, a blogger, and a blog?

Since 1990, people have been using the world wide web for regular recordkeeping of things that happened. This was the creation of a web·log. Now we have shortened the word to blog. So to blog means writing regularly on a website about things that are happening.

So a person that is a blogger, is a person that has a blog. In other words that person is blogging.

Bloggers write regularly about an event, topic, situation, something they love. There are people blogging about the music they love ( or about yoga ( or about sneakers ( and it is a never-ending list.Blogger making a blog

Time passed and guess what? Mom became a blogger before the daughter. I write about Affiliate Marketing ( on this site and about Forex Trading training on another ( Writing almost every day a little I came to realize that people like to share things and are looking for information the whole time. No wonder that Google is so popular. Especially when you are older you have experienced so much that you want to share this with others. I had a lot of academic and professional education, not realizing that I was lacking financial education. I want to tell people of this so that they do not have wait as long as I. But blogging is for young people too. Blogging is about writing and using technology and social media. The world of our youth!



Earn an income blogging

Blogging has become popular because you can earn a living blogging. This is possible in various ways. But what is the difference with a normal website? A website is normally static, meaning that you put the information once there and it changes only when your product or contact information or something like that changes. With blogging, you constantly update posts on your website. People that visit your website get new information from you like every week or so. Some people blog every day. Your visitors get engaged and at some time they start to trust you. Through comments, they can leave a comment and you can answer. This means that you have direct and personal contact with your customers all over the world. When they trust you, they are willing to buy something from you too. Will you leave me a comment too? I would appreciate that.

But how is all this writing bringing in the bucks?

Visitors to your blog will know that you will be putting new information on your website will visit you regularly. If you do not want them to miss out, you can ask them to enter their information on an email list. Your visitors will receive an email as soon as you write a new blog. If they have bought something, they will be reminded of the product again and maybe buy again or recommend it to a friend. You can also use your blog to give your visitors tips and or let your visitors know of new deals and developments.

Even when you are not selling a product you can have a blog and make use of Affiliate Marketing. In another post on this website, I explained what Affiliate Marketing is all about. Here the same principle applies. Visitors will gain trust in you because you publish content that is unique, Here your passion has to shine through. It is important to write about something you are passionate about. It makes it easier to write and also to find new topics to write about. People must feel your passion and maybe they will fall in love with you or your product.


Work at homeOther benefits for a blogger

As a blogger, you can work from home or anywhere. All you need are a computer, internet, and ideas.

You can also work when you want to.

You will be your own boss, this means also that you need self-discipline.

With blogging, you can earn passive income. Write for some hours and earn while sleeping.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your story with the world.

You can gain recognition for your business or yourself. Some people started blogging and now they are making movies, writing books or even traveling for companies so they can blog about their travels.

But remember writing takes time and the rewards will not be in your bank account, just after finishing your first post.

Getting help to start

There are a lot of bloggers, there are so many ways to start. Most people start with building a website. This can take some time to build if you are not technologically savvy. There are ways to have a website up and running in no time with domain names and all the things you should have.

I would recommend you to start with a program that will help you, guide you step by step. You will know what to do and in which order. It can be scary to be alone on a journey with no clues where to go or what to do. On this website, you will find reviews of different training programs like Affilorama, Elite Marketing Pro and Wealthy Affiliate. Read and find out which one will suit you best.

Now is blogging something for you?

You would not know until you start. Try it, feel and see for yourself what it is. Like I said before it was no idea of mine to start blogging but I started with Wealthy Affiliate and I got hooked. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can start for free. It would cost you nothing, but you will gain some experience.

Start your own blog now!!





14 thoughts on “Start Blogging – for beginners”

  1. Very nice post Mary-Ann, it crossed the “T,” and dotted the “i,” for understanding what blogging is. I tried to explain affiliate marketing using a website and the listener’ eyes almost crossed, but when I mentioned being a blogger the fog seem to dissolve..

  2. Great article. When I got started at WA I had not idea what I was getting into. However, I try to write about things I know or have experienced, and I try to talk like I am explaining the subject to a friend. The writing comes easy that way.

    As I go the easier it gets. Sometimes I write a post without a product in mind, but the linking back to my other posts takes care of that. I try to help and give advise that will be taken sincerely.

    You post explains all of this very well.

    1. Thank you, Don.
      I experienced the same thing as you did. Sometimes I just write about something I learned, I thought off or something that is happening right now with me. Later I think about how to link it to my websites.

  3. I love blogging. I gives me an outlet to push my creative and ideas and make a few backs as well. I love it so much, I have 3 websites.

    Do you have any recommended techniques on how to monetize blogs with affiliate marketing?

    1. Hi Vince,
      I never thought I would like blogging. In the beginning, I had no idea what to write about and now the ideas come easily.
      I imagine you have your hands full with 3 websites.

      To monetize a blog you have to drive a lot of traffic to your websites. I am realizing the importance of the use of keywords.
      If you use them well you will get indexed by Google and get traffic. I think it is important too to be socially active so that people
      know that you are out there.

      For more info and strategies join an affiliate training program like Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.
      Good luck with your websites.

    1. Thank you, Andrew.

      Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a great place to learn. I like their concept of combining theoretical learning with tasks (action). Every day I am learning.

    1. Hi Kyle Ann.

      Thanks. Wealthy Affiliate is so addicting. When you start the training you just can’t stop.
      I am learning something new every day and quite often I have to venture out of my comfort zone.

      When I see that others who have started before us are still enjoying it and are living from their websites, I know our time will come.
      Keep enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and keep coming back here.

      All the best,

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