What is a Rat Race?

“Name your price” this is a sentence you hear a lot of movies. Haven’t you seen a movie like that? A movie like ‘An indecent proposal’ is even based on this theme. What you hear a lot is, that most people have a price. Have you?

According to Robert Kiyosaki, most people have a price because of two human emotions; fear and greed. The books of Robert Kiyosaki can be bought at AudiobooksNow.com. Fear is our worst enemy. Or like .. said, “The greatest fear is fear itself”. There are six types of fear that we deal with. Please read my post about them.

The fear of being without money and greed keeps us is in a Rat Race. What is a Rat Race? Is a Rat Race bad or good?

Rat Race

What is a Rat Race?

The fear of being without money makes us work hard for a paycheck. When we get that paycheck our desire or greed makes us thinking about all the things we could have or buy. Imagine you alone win a $10 million lot. What would you do with it? You will know, won’t you? Houses, cars, clothes, college, travel, and so on. Ok, a paycheck is not that much, but the first paycheck you received sure felt like that.

With accepting that paycheck and going back to work again you started a pattern that is set for life. You get up, go to work, pay bills; get up, go to work, pay bills. Sounds familiar?

If they offer us more money, our fear and greed will keep us in the pattern. It will keep us in the Rat Race.

We will continue the cycle by increasing our spending because we got more money. In a year we will get a raise. At the end of the year, we will get a bonus. All of these keeps us in the pattern, in a Rat Race.

Are people happy in the Rat Race?Insomia

Most of the time they are not, but do not see the Rat Race as the problem. As mentioned earlier our emotions of greed and fear control our thinking. Most people are afraid of being without money This is why most of us get up in the morning and go to work. Is it because we love it so much? Most of the time it is because we are afraid of being without money if we do not work. We hope that when we receive the paycheck it will soothe the fear. But it doesn’t. So we go to work so next month we will be safe. This pattern, a rat race, will go on and on; working, earning, working, earning, ….

A lot of people can not even sleep because they are thinking how to get through the month. Some people even worry about how to go through one single day. A lot of worries caused by the fear of being without money. Do you know how many people cannot sleep at night? And most of them is because they do not know how to pay the bills.

Will being rich solve the problem?

No, it won’t. Will be poor than solve the problem? No, it won’t either.

Being poor for sure will not help.

Being PoorYou will need money to pay for surviving every day. The fear of being without money is enormous. Poor people run to money whenever it is waving at them. Sometimes it even makes them do things for money that you can not tell your mom about.


Middle-class people accumulate more debt as they earn more. Because as they become more successful they are going to spend more and most of the time it will be more than they can afford. More money, more spending. When they get a pay raise, it allows them to borrow more money. Most of the time they buy doodads. Doodads are personal items that cost them more money all the time and not bringing any money in. Things like newer cars, vacation homes and boats. Their wage is used to pay current expenses and paying off all those debts.

Middle Class
Because of fear, many rich people are rich. They think that if they have a lot of money they cannot be poor. So having a Rich Peoplelot of money will eliminate the fear of being poor. This is the very reason that now the fear of losing it all comes into play. They have a lot and want more, they keep on working although they are filthy rich. Imagine they lose everything. What would their friends say?

Can you get out of the Rat Race?

Can you control your emotions of fear and greed? We all have the emotions of fear and greed. It is important however not to give in to them and to be able to delay your reaction to them and think. It would great to use the emotions to our advantage. To be able to do that we need information and education. Not the one they learn you at school. I am talking about financial education.

Financial education will learn you how to put your money work for you and not the way around.

Do you like the Rat Race or do you want to get out of it?

Spending your life living in fear and never exploring your dreams is a way to live.

Waking up in the middle of the night, sweating and terrified about paying bills is another way to live.

Living a life that is dictated by the amount of your paycheck is also a way to live.

For me, none of the above is a way to live. I have been there. I know the feeling of each one but I decided that it is not enough for me. I really want to enjoy life. There is so much I want to experience and it is possible.

Financial education gives you ways to get out of the Rat Race. Learn how to control your greed and desire and learn how you can earn money in different ways than 9 to 5 jobs.

Start earning more money differently. This can be done for example by writing a blog or by Forex Trading.

Make a choice and live the way you want!!

Live your dream!








2 thoughts on “What is a Rat Race?”

  1. Great post Mary-Ann, I am retired now but that fear of not being able to pay the bills drove me constantly to get up and make sure I put in my 9-5 each day. In my case it was 7:30 to 10:00 sometimes. For a period I worked for a Permanent Secretary. The only time I could get to speak to him was before 9:00 sometimes or after 5:00. Lots of fun but draining all for that mighty dollar.

    1. Thanks, Harvey,

      Yes, it really is. I was really caught in the rat race without even realizing it. It was like I could do nothing else. I am glad that now I see other possibilities and it is fun to try new things out. And I am sure that I am not staying in the rat race till my pension.

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